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Current Somali Community Development of Utah is funded by the Salt Lake City Housing and Neighborhood Development and the Salt Lake City Mayor's office of Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco prevention Coalition and we a partner with Corporation for National Community Services Supported us three Amricops Vista worker and other Supporter as well as Individual Donors Like you


SCDU is always very grateful to receive your support, donations, contributions, now and more than ever, we need your help to continue our life saving work on behalf of refugees.


Our work is only possible with your support.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Contributions may be one-time gifts or monthly giving plans, and may be made as a gift in recognition


Somali Community Development of Utah
3333 South 900 East Suite # 150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
Tel: (801) 433-0448
Fax:(801) 484-1443

The Somali Community Development of Utah (SCDU) was founded in 2003 to provide available, consistent, and free services to all Somalis, Africans, and other refugees or immigrants within our community.


Somali Community Development of Utah (SCDU) strives to create an environment conducive to refugees acquiring the skills necessary to adapt to life in Utah. We provide assistance with and access to services that promote independence, education and employment. This includes language instruction, social, legal and housing services. We provide cultural orientation for refugees, educating them about U.S. laws and customs, and provide parental assistance with early child education techniques to better prepare their children for their public school years. Finally, we assist young people in the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and gang activity.



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